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Retrieval of Student Belongings

Thursday- May 21, 2020

We ask for your patience as we hand back over 200 personal belongings. The procedure will be as follows:

Students whose last name begins with the letter A- M may come to Abner Gibbs between 10-11 a.m.

Students whose last name begins with the letter N-Z may come to Abner Gibbs between 11 a.m.-12 p.m. 

If you have children with different last names, please come at the time designated for your oldest child. 

If you are picking up your child’s medication, please come at 12:00.  This will require you signing off on the medication.

We are asking at this time to please bring with you, any classroom or library books you have from home.

When you arrive at Abner, please pull onto the property and proceed in your vehicle to the back of the building were teachers will be lined up by grade level.  Once you have collected your child’s items, you will drive along the back of the building and exit on the other side where the teachers typically park.  


If you are not able to attend on this day, please reach out to me directly to make alternate arrangements at s.burgess@schoolsofwestfield.org.  Any leftover items will be donated at the end of the school year.


Teachers are excited to see students and will be there to share their encouraging messages of support!!

Westfield Public Schools

2019-2020 Grading Guidelines for All Elementary Schools 

These guidelines were established with guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Education given the extraordinary situation that our students, families, and educators are experiencing. Westfield Public Schools’ Administrators and Teachers have worked to set expectations and establish protocols that are student-focused, equitable, and reasonable. This document outlines grading guidelines for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Our intention is for these guidelines to provide a framework for how to assess student learning during this school closure period while allowing enough flexibility within this framework to meet the varied needs of individual students. We want all of our students to find success as we all navigate remote learning for the first time, and we acknowledge that success does not look the same for all students. 


  • Teachers will provide feedback on assignments throughout Trimester 3. 
  • Students can complete assignments throughout Trimester 3. Students will submit missing assignments by June 10, 2020 for them to impact the final trimester grading. 
    Video conferencing calls (Zoom or Google Meet) are an important part of the learning. We encourage all students to participate in these meetings where they can collaborate with their friends, ask questions of their teacher, and stay connected to the classroom environment.  

Course Credit / Promotion 

  • The grading for Trimester 3 has not changed at the elementary level. Student progress for each reported standard during Trimester 3 will be quantified as Mastery (M), Progressing (P), Some Progress (S) and No Progress (N).  (Please see an explanation of each of these levels attached.)
  • The MA Department of Elementary and Secondary education has identified prerequisite standards that should be the focus during this period of remote learning in order to best prepare students for the next grade level.  Therefore, all standards for Trimester 3 may not be taught for evaluation purposes. These standards will be noted with a slash symbol (/).  
  • Teachers will review student progress over the course of the school year. If a student has demonstrated at least some progress in learning grade-level standards, he or she will be promoted to the next grade level. 
  • Special subject areas (Art, Music, PE, Health, Technology) will be assessed for Academic Strands, but not Pro Social Skills.   
  • Social Skills / Learning Skills will not be assessed during Trimester 3.  


Explanation of Evaluation

Mastery (M)/(4):  Mastering  a standard indicates that the teacher has had the opportunity to evaluate the student’s skills and understanding of the concepts in a variety of ways. The student demonstrates he/she can perform these skills and explain these concepts independently, at grade-level, without assistance. Once a student achieves mastery of a standard, he or she should be able maintain mastery throughout the school year. I I n a remote learning environment, being able to teach complex standards and evaluate a student’s independent mastery is a difficult process; therefore, demonstration of mastery on third trimester or full year standard is highly unlikely.  

Progressing (P)/(3):  Progressing in a standard indicates that the teacher has had the opportunity to evaluate the student’s skills and understanding of the concepts. The student demonstrates he/she can perform these skills and/or understand these concepts with little assistance. In a remote learning environment, the student has shown effort in learning the standard by completing assignments, demonstrating understanding, and, in some instances, revising assignments based on teacher feedback.  

Some Progress (S)/(2):  Demonstrating Some Progress in a standard indicates that the teacher has had the opportunity to evaluate the student’s skills and understanding of the concepts, sometimes in limited capacity.  The student may have difficulty demonstrating he/she can perform these skills and/or understand these concepts and may still require a great deal of support. In a remote learning environment, the student has shown some effort in learning the standard by completing some assignments which demonstrate some understanding, but further development of the skill or concept will be necessary.     

No Progress (N)/(1):  Demonstrating No Progress in a standard indicates one of two things in the remote learning environment: 

The teacher has had the opportunity to evaluate the student’s skills and understanding of the concepts, but has found the student is having great difficulty demonstrating that he/she can perform these skills and/or understand these concepts, even with a great deal of support.  


The student does not complete assignments and is unable to be evaluated on the standard. 

Not Applicable (/) : This symbol demonstrates that the standard was not taught during the remote learning period.

Click on this link to see the video the teachers made for you:

Remote Learning begins on April 13th. Click on the link below for more info.

_K-4 Elementary Plan for Remote Learning.pdf We miss you 2 AG banner 1 AG banner 2 Any WPS family who is need of a Chromebook to access learning can request one completing the Electronic Device Survey link WPS School Closure Plan by April 1.   Please read the document carefully to understand your responsibility as a parent and your student's responsibility.  Chromebooks will be distributed at a later date once all information is collected.   

At Abner Gibbs we all soar to success. We have expected behaviors throughout the entire school building and we use the acronym S.O.A.R. to reinforce those behaviors.  

While you are spending time with your children at home you can continue helping them SOAR to success. Click on this link for examples: PBIS home expectations for COVID 19.

Hello Abner Gibbs Families:  

Mrs. Poremby and Mrs. Crowley understand the feelings that the uncertainty of what we are going through are causing. We are all feeling a lot of stress and frustration. Below are some coping skills that may help you and your children. If you have any concerns or questions please email us at:d.poremby@schoolsofwestfield.org and a.crowley@schoolsofwestfield.org. If you are on Twitter please check out @caselorg for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) ideas and support.

Dear Abner Gibbs Families-
Teachers have been working hard at getting their Google Classrooms up and running. Please take a moment to email your child’s teacher your most recent email address. This will allow teachers to send you the class code for their Google Classrooms and your child will be able to join. Once they are in Google Classroom, teachers will be able to post enrichment activities, videos, and communicate with families. This would be the most centralized location to find enrichment activities and to communicate with teachers. We hope you and your family are staying healthy through this challenging time.

To learn more about the school closure click on this link: WPS School Closure Plan

Lunch will still be served!
Abner Gibbs will be distributing student lunches Monday-Friday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Dinner will be served!
The Boys and Girls Club will be distributing student dinners at the Boys and Girls Club (NOT Westfield Middle School) 4:30-6:30 Monday through Friday.  The Boys and Girls Club will be distributing meals (Grab and Go) at Franklin Ave School, Colonial Pine Acres, Edgewood, and Powdermill starting tomorrow between 5-6 p.m.  This is in addition to meal distribution at the Club from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.  

Watch for WPS updates on the latest educational resources and information.

Stay safe and healthy, and follow the guidelines of the CDC at CDC recommendations.

The school dance has been postponed until May 1st.  We still need volunteers who have had a CORI.  Please contact PTOAbnerGibbs@gmail.com if you can volunteer.  

The Westfield Foundation for Education awarded the PTO a grant for our Sally Ride School Assembly on April 28th.  

Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts, Music, and Dance will be coming to Abner Gibbs on May 26.  This program is funded by a grant the PTO received from the Westfield Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.  

The Annual Penny War will be held June 1-June 5.  The PTO will use this money for field trips and other PTO events.    

Thank you Elm Electric for your amazing donations!

Elm Elec. 1

Elm Electric Donation 2

PBIS Touch a Truck Event. Thank you Westfield Police, Fire, EMS, and Gas Company for being part of our SOAR event!

Touch a truck 1

Karen Lewis's 2nd Grade Class presented their habitat research to the School Committee!  Their hard work really showed in their dioramas.

2L School committee 1

Lewis 2

Abner Gibbs sang their SOAR song at the Thunderbirds Game!  The students were excited and did a fantastic job singing our school song!

Thunderbirds 1

Thunderbirds 2

 Students did a great job at the holiday concert!
holiday concert 3


WPS Text Messages




It is the vision of Abner Gibbs Elementary School that all students possess a passion for learning and acquire skills enabling them to grow academically, emotionally, and socially in order to adapt to an ever changing 21st century global society.


Abner Gibbs is a safe, respectful, welcoming environment.  We believe in the potential of ALL students, the need for hard work, and the importance of building strong personal relationships.

You belong here.

Core Values

At Abner Gibbs we "SOAR" to success!‚Äč

 S - Self Respect
      O - Respect Others
                      A - Academic Achievement
 R- Responsibility

    100 DAYS

Celebrating 100 Years at Abner Gibbs

Has your child spoke to you about soaring at Abner Gibbs?  Click here to find out what is new in our SOAR Program

Students can do ST Math at home too, just go to http://www.stmath.com.

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