Ms. Browne


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My name is Lucia Browne. I am the primary Literacy Coordinator and Grade 2 Literacy teacher here at Abner Gibbs. My work this year involves training/coaching teachers in the morning and teaching our second grade "Literacy Block" in the afternoon.My interest in literacy development began when I taught preschool many years ago. I then became certified to teach grades K-3 and, in 2000 was trained as a Literacy Coordinator at Lesley University in Cambridge. I was the Coordinator at the Chester Elementary School for three years (Gateway Regional School District) . I have also been a Title 1 Reading teacher for five years in Sheffield, Ma (Southern Berkshire Regional) and for one year at Southampton Road School here in Westfield.

The 2 1/2 hour "Literacy Block" of time is generally divided into :
Word Study
Centers/Guided Reading
Writing Workshop

During Word Study, we focus on paying close attention to the details of words and what they look like. We are "studying" words to see that some words look like other words (for example, arm, farm, charm). We "play" with words by rhyming, sorting and blending sounds into words, and focus on a new spelling principle (pattern) each week.


In second grade, children are able to sustain longer periods of time reading and writing and so we have fewer centers that each last longer. Children will be reading longer text and responding to text in writing. Besides independent reading, some centers include poetry, listening, word study, dictionary skills and spelling (Buddy Study). During centers children are meeting with me in small groups that are differentiated at their level.

During this time, the children share stories of their lives & events and times that are important to them and also how they felt about them. For example: birthday parties, pets, new siblings, Grandparents, vacations, Doctors, the park, etc. They are learning to express their stories in their own words, which is called writing with "voice". They are also learning to sequence the stories. So do a lot of story telling at home and build those important language skills !! I'm hoping to "Publish" at least one per child. They are sooo proud of their writing !! More on that later...


And, of course, no day at school is complete without children's literature!! We talk about books and stories daily. What makes a good book? Why do you like that book? What does it make you think of? We identify important vocabulary words to define and use daily. Parents can play a HUGE part by reading books daily at home and discussing them. Did you like the ending? Did someone change in this story? Could it have ended differently? On that note, I leave you Happy Reading!!!

Second grade is an exciting year for refining and deepening skills learned in first grade.