Mrs. Murphy

Mrs. Murphy

Mrs. Murphy, Art Teacher

Welcome to the Art Room!


Hello my name is Venetta Murphy and I am pleased to be the Art Specialist at Abner Gibbs Elementary School. Our approach for the art program addresses the Westfield Curriculum Standards set for visual art which include 6 areas of art education:

aesthetic awareness
development of skills
art production
critique process
cultural and historical aspects
critical thinking and problem solving

Art education however, does not have to end in the classroom! Art is an important part of your children’s developmental stages of growth. As adults we can nurture this growth by showing an interest and supporting what your children do. There are three ways you can do this.
* What art materials did you use today?
* What techniques were taught and what was the process you learned?
* Did you learn about a particular artist?
* Did you view pictures of famous art work?
* Did you learn any new art vocabulary words?
* Hang art work around the house or office.
* Frame one piece a year.


  *Save their art work so that they may have the opportunity of seeing a time, a place, and experiences of their childhood. It will help them understand who they are, where they have been, and how far they have come.  
It is my wish that you will continue to support your child’s art education at home by reading to your children, visiting art galleries and museums, or using the internet to re-discover the art your child has learned about. Encourage your child to draw pictures instead of watching television.
Important info.....
You may want to consider these clothing suggestions for Art Day!
Please do not let your child wear his/her best or favorite clothing on art day. Short sleeves are recommended but if you prefer long, please check to see that the sleeve can be pushed up easily