About Me

My name is Carolyn Laframboise.  I have been teaching at Abner Gibbs for 17 wonderful years and have experience in both 5th and 3rd grades. In 1997, I graduated from Westfield State College (now University) with a degree in Elementary Education and Sociology with a concentration in Social Work. A few years later I received my master’s degree in Elementary Education and have completed courses beyond that.

My ultimate goal is to motivate our children to become respectful, responsible individuals and help them develop a lifelong love of learning. To get them there, it helps to have a  strong home/school connection. Open communication and a good working relationship between parent, teacher, and
student is key. I want your child to LOVE coming to school each day and be proud of what they accomplish here.  If you ever have a suggestion, concern, or question please feel free to contact me by note, phone (572-6418), or email. I will respond as soon as possible.